i am currently...

working on a particpatory performance setup, making use of Max and micro-contollers to build interactive devices. i have a gig at the Cheltenham Jazz fetival in May so am working towards getting the setup ready for this event.

beginning the process of some small renovations in my home. the kitchen is being redesigned and there are some cosmetic elements to work on in the 'hall' (open plan kitchen/living area), to start with.

traning my sprollie pup, Wilson, who is super smart and energetic.

A landscape photo of a grass covered ground. there are tress cascading from the top right hand corner of the image to the centre of the image, meeting the ground. on the lef thand side of the image there are hills in the distance. in the foreground on the right hand side, there is a white dog with a black face with his tongue out, his body facing the camera and his head tilted to his right, facing the left hand side of the image. The photograph was taken by Gary-Martin March 2024.
Clydach Ironworks, March 2024

doing some research into how a practice research model could be utilised for an undergraduate research project.